Friday, August 26, 2011

Nikki Post: We're Not Dead, I Swear

Hi all. Sorry Claire and I have been incommunicado for a week or so. We FINALLY got all of our furniture here (yay!), although we still have several boxes to unpack and lamps to purchase. I'm also working through a temp agency right now, so I haven't had as much time to take Claire on adventures. Speaking of adventures, Steve and I are taking Tasha to the vet tomorrow because ever since she's gotten back from the kennel, she's been scratching and licking herself up a storm. We don't see any fleas, but I want to know what's wrong with my kitty.

There's a great park right over the parking lot from our apartment that I plan on taking some pictures in, and we recently visited Cherry Creek State Park, which has swimming, boating, picnicking, and hiking. I'd love to take Claire there; I think she'd have a ton of fun.

So thanks for your patience! I swear I'll be entertaining you all again soon! <3

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