Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nikki Post: Things Denver Doesn't Have

1. Old Bay seasoning
2. Purdue chicken (never realized it WASN'T a national company!)
3. Real beaches
4. Entire areas that smell like dead fish
5. Utz potato chips
6. Boordy Vineyard Wine at every liquor store
7. Natty Boh?
8. People who like to bitch about the Orioles (as far as I can tell anyway)
9. People who like to cheer for the Ravens (ditto)
10. A rock opera society
11. A lot of black people
12. A history (Native American excepted) dating back to the late 1600s
13. A large, permanent collection of Matisse's works (as far as I know)
14. Snowballs
15. Pit beef sandwiches
16. Thrashers french fries
17. Kohr Bros. soft serve
18. Seacrets
19. Giant and Mars food stores
20. A beltway

There are probably a lot more things - large and small - that I've noticed aren't here in Denver like they are in my hometown. And there are a lot of things in Denver that they don't have in Baltimore - a constant view of the mountains, for example. I think the weirdest difference between the two cities is how I still get lost or need to rely on my phone's navigation to get around. I've only been here less than a month, yes, and I haven't explored a whole lot, but it's still a weird thing to move from one place where you know almost every street and the best and quickest ways to get to different neighborhoods and which streets are always clogged with traffic or always under construction....and go someplace where you get lost just trying to get to the supermarket a mile or so down the road. How long does it take to get acclimated to a place?

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