Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nikki Post: My Mount Everest

This is my desk. Before getting my new laptop, my old computer (see on the right), monitor, and keyboard took up most of the space. To the left was always the recycling pile. And on top of the archaeological dig going back months sometimes. There's an organizer in there - an inbox of sorts - on the left side, under that pile of...well, the box is really the only thing I can clearly make out.

This has always been my catch-all area. My shoes and purse are always here. The drawers were littered with miscellany, although I was recently able to clean them out. Do you need a pen? I have - no joke - over 30. Markers and highlighters, Post-It note pads in different sizes and colors, and small notepads from the various places I've worked in the last five years.

I'm not a hoarder by any means. I LOVE throwing stuff away, giving stuff away, purging my life and apartment of unnecessary things. But my desk, for some reason, never really gets cleaned. Once in a blue moon, I'll have a manic episode that gives me the strength to dig through everything until I can see the countertop again, but those episodes, thanks to my medication, are few and far between.

Today, I'm tackling this hot mess of a desk. TODAY, I stand up to the clutter and remove it from my life. Today, I go through my "important documents" drawer (second down on the left), which holds paperwork on my car, my cat, and God only knows what else.

Pray for me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nikki Post: Packing Made More Difficult

Like I don't have enough to worry about with the move - packing my belongings, giving away the stuff I don't want/don't need, settling accounts in MD - I have to deal with Tasha's utter fascination with all things box-related. I don't know what the hell is so special about a bunch of cardboard boxes, but she's been rubbing her face all over them and insisting on sitting inside of them, regardless of their contents. Here's a picture of her being rebellious after I told her multiple times to stay the hell off my clean towels:

She's lucky she's adorable.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Nikki went to Borders today, as they're having a liquidation sale. She didn't come back with any books about my kind, but that's to be expected. You see, Nikki is a HUGE book nerd. HUGE. I suppose books about animals just aren't interesting enough for her; too many pictures, not enough words. I guess it's ok, I mean, I get car sick if I read in a moving vehicle.

Anyway, Steve took this picture of her, I guess because he thought it was funny she geeked out about books right on top of me. I assure you that this wasn't staged. She really IS this lame about the printed word.

It's Gonna be a Looooooooooong Ride

I've been trying to find some good songs about armadillos so I can make a couple of mix CDs for our trip west. Unfortunately, we armadillos aren't a popular muse for musicians. Elton John had a song about us, so maybe I'll buy that off iTunes, but otherwise, the pickin's are mighty slim. I found the below link on YouTube, for example. I was really excited at first because I LOVE old-school style hip-hop, AND it was a song about armadillos! But....well, as you'll hear, it's just a hot mess, and I'm not really sure it's actually about armadillos at all. It sounds more like something a bunch of white potheads came up with in their dorm rooms instead of studying for finals. (Armadillos are known as harsh but honest critics of all things.)

I guess I'll keep looking around Google for something better. If anyone can suggest any good songs (only about armadillos), please comment! Without proper fingers for typing, internet searches (and blog updates) can be quite the hassle. - worst hip-hop song about armadillos EVER.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pre-Move Worries

I've been spending a lot of time lately comforting the cat. She knows something's up, but having a very small brain, she can't quite figure out what it is. The humans (Nikki and Steve) have a lot of their possessions in boxes or strewn all about the place, which makes for a very cluttered mind. A clean home = a clean brain.

While I love Tasha to pieces, I honestly hope they drug her to high hell on the drive out west. She does NOT do well in car rides. I love them. Feeling the wind in my furry back plates, listening to Nikki's strange but wonderful music...makes me feel more alive.

Only 20 more days until we move.