Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Gonna be a Looooooooooong Ride

I've been trying to find some good songs about armadillos so I can make a couple of mix CDs for our trip west. Unfortunately, we armadillos aren't a popular muse for musicians. Elton John had a song about us, so maybe I'll buy that off iTunes, but otherwise, the pickin's are mighty slim. I found the below link on YouTube, for example. I was really excited at first because I LOVE old-school style hip-hop, AND it was a song about armadillos! But....well, as you'll hear, it's just a hot mess, and I'm not really sure it's actually about armadillos at all. It sounds more like something a bunch of white potheads came up with in their dorm rooms instead of studying for finals. (Armadillos are known as harsh but honest critics of all things.)

I guess I'll keep looking around Google for something better. If anyone can suggest any good songs (only about armadillos), please comment! Without proper fingers for typing, internet searches (and blog updates) can be quite the hassle. - worst hip-hop song about armadillos EVER.

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