Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nikki Post: Evergreen

Just a note: Tasha and Claire have arrived home safely from the kennel. I'm giving them a few days to get used to the apartment, and then your favorite armadillo correspondent will return to tell you about all the exciting changes going on in her life.

Steve and I spent our last night up in Evergreen before moving into our new apartment in Denver with our friend Kate. I met Kate when she and I performed in a show together back in Baltimore, and when she realized that her cross-country journey would take her through our neck of the woods, she decided to stop by and be our first official visitor.

We all went to the Little Bear Saloon in the main town of Evergreen. Steve's uncle Rob told us that it was an Evergreen "institution," and we were pleased with our decision to go there. It looks like a saloon that would have been open and popular during the gold rush; you go up their porch and walk into the bar, which has a large eating area and a small stage for performers. Upstairs, there's a pool table space and an upper level deck with tiny tables and a bar area for seating. We got some food and drinks and headed upstairs for the deck.

Kate had never been to the mountains, so she was snapping camera phone pictures of the forest across the street from us, which was illuminated by the bright glow of the full moon. As I gazed over, I noticed a black bear (!!!) just wandering through an open area in the forest. It was smallish, maybe only a couple of years old, and was just strolling along, being a bear. We were all really excited, but it disappeared into the trees before any of us could get a picture of it. Pam and Rob said that they've been living her for almost 20 years, and they've NEVER seen a bear. They were VERY jealous. :)

We went downstairs to pay our tab and watched the band of the night play for a while. They were the Minivan Blues Van, and they were great! Their bassist was a big guy who was getting really into his music...and he was barefoot the whole time. Reminded me so much of the crazy kids at Goucher College, my Alma Mater. I took a video of one of their songs for all of you to enjoy.


All in all, it was a great night with a good friend and good music AND A BEAR!!

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