Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nikki Post: Pool Party in the Office!

Another great theme for the office white boards: POOL PARTY!!

The deep end of the swimming pool

  • Concession stands are an important part of any community pool. Kids can buy candy and get themselves jacked up on sugar, and adults can buy hot dogs and eat their frustrations away with nitrate-flavored tubes of meat.
  • I'm a bit worried that the diver will hit his head on the diving board if he doesn't get enough distance while jumping into the pool, but the judges seem to approve of his form. (Except for that damn, judgy Russian judge.)
  • Marshall added David Hasselhoff to the picture, much to Tracy's annoyance and horror. However, I overrode her veto, as he IS an appropriate thing one would see at a pool.
  • That red thing is a pair of swimming trunks...

The shallow end of the pool

  • The general consensus of the office is that Cookie Monster is a MUCH better life guard that Mr. Hasselhoff. While David flexes his muscles and checks out girls in bikinis, Cookie is actually paying attention to the people who are swimming in his area. Well...
  • ...Cookie has apparently missed the fact that there is a shark (or something that looks suspiciously like a shark) in the shallow end of the pool...
  • ...which is really unfortunate for the guy who doesn't know that his bottoms are floating on the other side of the pool.
  • That square thing in the back is a hot tub. I was going to drive a fat, hairy guy wearing gold chains sitting in there next to some pretty blonde girls in bikinis, but that was way too complicated for a white board.
  • The lady with the vicious sunburn has obviously never read Dr. Lori Crane's research on skin cancer and tanning. Dr. Crane is one of the professors at the School, and Lyndsey felt it was important that people understand that this woman on our white board was not representative of the employee's feelings on sun-tanning. (For the record though, the only reason she's red is because Kevin was hogging the brown marker at the time.)

The finished product!

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