Saturday, December 31, 2011

Denver Zoo, Part Three: Bears and Tigers and Lions OH MYYY!!!

A marvel of the zoo engineering world (for its time), Bear Mountain is a great place to check out ursines in a habitat that sorta resembles what you'd find in the wild. See this helpful sign for more information:

There were two types of bears at the exhibit. The first were Asiatic black bears, and they looked GOOFY (not that I'd ever say that to their faces!). I mean, look at the big flaps of skin and fur they have on the sides of their heads! How can they move around with all that extra weight?

Kinda reminded me of the human kids who add those huge spacers to their earlobes. They just looked silly.

The other kind of bears hanging out at Bear Mountain are the grizzlies. Some of you may know that one of my besties is a grizzly (or brown) bear named Cocoabob.

This is her chillin' with Nikki's friend Ashleigh. Cocoabob is quite the ladies' bear, if you catch my drift. (Fun fact: She was named after Bob Marley.)

Anyway, so I'm a fan of grizzlies, because I've found that most of them are just as chill and quirky as Cocoabob. The two at the zoo def weren't chill; they kept pacing back and forth, like they were waiting for someone to show up. Nikki said that this happens with animals in the zoo; their cages/habitats aren't big enough, so they get all restless. It had me wishing that Cocoabob was there; SHE could find a way to calm then down QUICK, especially since her favorite method of relaxing is legal here in Denver (with a prescription). ;)

I never realized how BIG tigers actually are til I saw one "up close." I mean, this tiger could probably snort me up its nose whole and not even have a problem breathing!

However, regardless of their size or where in the world they live, cats are all the same. They're only good at sleeping and eating. Hell, do you know how many pictures on Facebook there are of Tasha sleeping in this exact position?! She'd get along with the tigers really well, I bet.

Okay, so this next picture is really the only reason this particular blog entry exists; the rest is just filler. We were walking back to the zoo entrance, and we passed the lions. We got there just in time to see the King of the Jungle...ah...*ahem*...prove that he really was the king.

Caaaan you feeeelll the loooove tonight? *giggles*

He finished up pretty quickly. (Isn't that always the way, ladies? *giggles*)

While his mate when back to sleep, unimpressed, Mr. Lion gave a few roars to let all the spectators (a bunch of confused kids and their giggling parents) know that he was a TOUGH BRUTE MAN!

PS: The Denver Zoo has some SKINNY lions!! They ought to let them come over to our place for dinner sometime. Nikki'll fatten them up!

Me with a snake. I took this picture because one of the newest members of my family is Lady Josephine, Duchess of Ssssoutherland, a king boa constrictor.

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