Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nikki Post: Babi Yar Park

Babi Yar Park is a small memorial park located behind my apartment complex in Southeast Denver. In case you can't tell by its design, it's a Holocaust memorial. The park was founded in 1971 and is currently under construction, which can be frustrating on days when I want to sleep in. ;) Here's the official page for Babi Yar Park, sponsored by the Mizel Museum.

A month or so ago (when it was still closer to autumn than winter here in Denver), I took a walk around the park, snapping pictures. The leaves were changing colors, and it had snowed a few days before. Perfect photo weather! Take a look at my photography Facebook page for a few more pictures. And click on the pictures below to see full-size versions.

Looking at the orchard

"Desert" plants in the snow. What a neat concept!

The orchard

Love that you can see the mountains in the background.

There's a plaque in front of a fountain by the orchard in Babi Yar Park that reads
"In this grove at Babi Yar, each tree stands tall. Each a living memorial to men, women, children - the majority Jews with Ukrainians and others.

In every leaf, their lives; in every branch, their families; in every rooted trunk, their past.

Life courses even when leaves have fallen. Memory persists even after presence parts.

Can we not learn from the trees? Each stands alone - yet flourishes in the benevolent shade of others.

Seasons change; so must we. Winter's madness must not dry the sap of loving life again."

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