Friday, July 27, 2012

Nikki Post: Kitty & Pup

Let the parade of pictures begin!

Tasha is a big fan of lying on us to sleep because Steve & I make great furniture. She also loves showing her belly but doesn't like her belly to be rubbed for too long. :p

Tasha on Steve's leg, contemplating why her bowl is always empty when she wants noms the most.

Tasha LOVES "sbuggling" Steve, especially his bare legs. I tell him it's because he's just as fuzzy as she is. ;)

Even though it's not *really* allowed, I like to let Eva go off-leash at Babi Yar Park. As you can see, she LOVES it. Eva especially loves it when someone chases her. She run loops and loops and loops around the person, even if they've stopped running. Happy, happy dog. :)

Of course, too much running around makes a little pup sleepy, and our sofa makes the perfect bed.

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