Friday, July 27, 2012

Nikki Post: Puppy Playdate

A while back, Steve and I took Eva to visit with our friends Lauren and Lisa, both of whom have dogs we thought could be good friends with our pup. Lauren is also our dog walker, so we figured that if the socialization experiment went south, she'd be able to intervene and keep everyone chill. As it turns out, HER dog Sneakers was NOT interested in playing with a bunch of spastic dogs. Lauren was pup-sitting for Nala, who also wasn't very interested in playing, but was at least game enough to wander around while Lisa's dog Shao Khan and Eva acted like best buddies on crack.

Warning: I was NOT paying attention to the fact that I was recording sound, so you'll get to hear our conversations while watching the video. If you dislike cursing, just mute the video; you won't miss out on anything really cute, puppy-wise.


Warming up!

As night falls, the pups wind down (relatively speaking).

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