Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Post

Nikki still needs to edit the pictures from our camping trip last weekend for me to post up here. She ended up taking more fancy-pants pictures that she'll post to her Facebook fan page than she took of pictures of me, but that's ok. At least she took pictures. :p In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pics and a video and a random armadillo fact I've got laying around. So this is a filler entry, but hopefully it's at least a little interesting.

First up, my interesting armadillo fact, brought to you by @FunFactFriday and @drew_eckman on Twitter.
Armadillos, opossums, Nolins, and sloths
spend about 80% of their lives sleeping.
Here's my fun fact: I have no idea what a Nolin is, nor could I find anything about them by Google searching.

The next two parts of this entry come from our friend Jared M. Gordon, who not only posts horror stories about people's bad dates, AND writes about random topics, AND keeps a travel blog too (why he'd bother writing one without an armadillo is beyond me), but is also a decent guy who enjoys Mexican food and witty banter. (PS: Jared, if you don't link more prominently to this blog in at least one of your many social networking sites, I'll send a cousin of mine after you; he has leprosy. Hard to make movies when your nose is falling off!!)

Jared is on his yearly cross-country road trip, and he stopped by Denver to say hi and crash on our couch. So far, he's amazed at how nice everyone in Denver is. Nikki has a theory that the air in Colorado is so thin that no one can maintain rage for very long. However, she proves that theory wrong every time she gets cut off in traffic. :p

Today, he's visiting the Denver Zoo and sent Nikki this video of a monkey (it could be an ape; hard to tell) swinging from a trapeze line at the zoo:

Jared also sent her this picture of him being besties with some hippos:

Finally, we have a new addition to our family, a new permanent resident in our household. Her name is Eva, and she's a spastic three-year-old pointer-mutt mix. Nikki & Steve had spent about a month looking for dogs on (Nikki can now tell you the breed of any dog she sees) and visiting the Dumb Friends League, looking for the perfect pooch to bring home. They weren't even going to visit with Eva, as her former family had given her up for being "too hyper," but the volunteer at the check-in counter said, "One person's hyper is another person's normal," so they met Eva, fell in love, and brought her home.

Eva isn't "hyper" so much as she's paranoid that we'll stop loving her at some point. She's SUPER eager to please and LOVES having her belly rubbed. She knows very well who the "alpha dogs" are in the house and just wants to be around us all the time. (Tasha, as you can imagine, is horrified, although she's not mad at Nikki and Steve like she was when we had Stella the cat.) Eva's family neglected her when they had her, and probably just tied her up in the yard and left her there. We think this is why Eva's such a spazz. (Nikki and Steve are signing her up for obedience training classes today.)

I suggested that we take Eva camping with us last weekend, as it'd be nice for her to get out of the apartment and have new places to sniff and explore. Here are a few pics from that adventure.

On the way up the mountain. She was remarkably calm in the car.

On the way down the mountain. She loved sticking her head out the window!

That's all for now, folks! Hopefully I'll get to update the blog soon. :)

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