Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nikki Post: Eva's Field Trip

Steve and I took Eva to Cherry Creek State Park on Father's Day evening to sniff around and see the beach. I thought she might get a kick out of playing in the water and walking along the trails. The pointer in her LOVES smelling things; I should have renamed her "Toucan Sam"! ("Just follow your nose!") While she was a little hesitant about playing in the water, I eventually got her to splash around in it by standing up to my calves in the (thankfully warm) water. She kept trying to drink the water though! Hopefully it'll be ok. :p

Here are some cute pictures of her adventures at the park. Enjoy!

Pulling "Daddy" towards the park

So excited! So many things to see and smell!

We're finally on the beach!!! Look! There's people! Let's be friends!

I sure do love getting my paws dirty! (Shadow is Steve's)

This sure is a BIG bath!

I'm done with the beach. Let's go exploring! I bet there's TONS of little animals I can chase!


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