Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nikki Post: History Walk

I walk the same route to work from "my" parking lot downtown every day. The lot is at 15th and California, and I walk up California to 17th Street in the morning and back down in the afternoon. Part of the walk is covered by scaffolding, as a block-long building is under construction. Along this part of the sidewalk is what I'm calling the "History Walk": several plaques in the ground that tell a short story about an important part of Colorado or Denver's history. Last week, I had to tiptoe through a group of school children who were obviously on some sort of scavenger hunt for class. They were clustered around each plaque, reading the information and scribbling notes on worksheets. If I hadn't been running late for work, and if they hadn't been blocking my path, it probably would have been a lot cuter than it was. ;) There are also plaques around the "business district" part of the city - the bank buildings and high-class restaurants near where I'm temping. Here are my "regular" plaques; click on the photos to make them large enough to read the words.

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