Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cave of the Winds...the part I got to see, anyway.

I'm going to keep my hilarious wit and comments mostly to myself for this post, as punishment to Nikki (and, inadvertently, all of you) for not being allowed in the caves. Nikki kept promising "Oh, maybe next time when we do the lighted tour..." BUT WHO KNOWS WHEN NEXT TIME WILL BE?! I mean, yeah, we're basically spending the next several years out here, so it's not like I have to do ALL the cool stuff RIGHT NOW, but...pfft. Armadillos are not known for their patience.

These next few pictures are of the view from the Caves' parking lot.

Aw, look at the cute couple! So in love! <3

"Please" tell me "why" you put "please" in quotation "marks"? (Also, it is SO TEMPTING to throw rocks here! You'll see in the next picture, but man, a crazy sign only makes it more tempting!)

The view looking DOWN into the canyon! The Caves' visitors center has two levels of balconies with scenic overlooks. Nikki kept looking at me funny the whole time she and I were standing on the bottom-most balcony, looking out below. I finally asked her what was up, and she told me that she REALLY wanted to throw something over the side, but all she had was her super-expensive camera, her shoes, her purse...AND ME. I told her we should catch up with the group, and luckily, she took me with her instead of chucking me over the side!

This last one is directly across the canyon from where we were standing. Those hole are other cave mouths. Nikki and I agreed that it'd be SO COOL to go over there and go exploring! Then she pointed out that if we managed to do that, we'd probably die, as neither of us has ever been caving before. If you look, you can kinda see how the rocks and tree form a creepy devil monkey face!

Hanging out with the #1 Threat to America. Rowr!

This statue's....FOR THE BIRDS. yuk yuk yuk

What IS this awesome jungle gym-like creation? It's only the COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN:

$20 and you can climb and hang over the side of a mountain. You're three stories up...ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN! We saw a guy who was harnessed in scaring the hell outta some girl friends by leaning backwards OVER THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN. Nikki wanted to go. I wanted to go. But no one else did. They poo-pooed the price and were all, "Oh, yeah, you're over the mountain, but there's no guarantee you'll fall to your death because you're super strapped-in." NIKKI'S FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES ARE INSANE. So once again, I was denied a cool experience. Anyone reading this who wants to come out to Denver and grow a pair, please let me know, and we'll climb all over this monstrosity!

I'm gonna end this blog entry with two pictures of silly hats:
Me (thanks, Kerry, for the helping hands!)

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