Monday, February 25, 2013

Nikki Post: Office Valentines

Hey y'all. I'm doing a quick photo dump from some pics on my phone I've been meaning to post. Tomorrow should be a quiet day too, so I'll FINALLY get to post a story about the adventures of a My Little Pony doll that went skiing for the weekend with my coworker Marshall and his wife Kelly.

For now, here's the office white board about Valentine's Day:

Bruce Willis was originally holding two guns, but that's not very "public healthy," so someone (probably my boss) changed it to a copy of the Second Amendment. Steve and I saw A Good Day to Die Hard on VDay, and honestly? It was the best movie I've seen in theatres since last year, which I think is the last time I saw a movie in theatres. It was everything I wanted from a Die Hard movie: explosions, Bruce Willis defying the laws of time, physics, gravity, and Russia, Chernobyl, attractive men not wearing shirts, silly puns, and the phrase "Yippie Kai Yay Mother F*cker" at the most perfect time in the film. If you enjoy the franchise and don't have a stick up your butt about a film's "plot" or "quality" or "continuity," I highly recommend seeing this latest beast of a film.

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