Thursday, March 15, 2012

Armadillos in the News

Hi everyone!!!! Sorry for the lull in action, but Nikki grounded me from using the computer because Tasha and I ate her clover, then Tasha threw up all over the floor, and I didn't clean it up like I said I would. Honestly, how she can hold a stuffed armadillo to the same standards as a living armadillo is beyond me. Nikki is insane. But!!! The terms of my imprisonment are over, and I'm starting off strong with a great story about one of my cousins in the South.

Brazil has announced that its native three-banded armadillo will be the official mascot for the World Cup in 2014!! The "tatu-bola," as it's known in Brazil, is an endangered species, which is a pity, because it's so cute! (See below)

Tatu-bola was chosen because, when frightened, it can roll itself into a tight a soccer ball! How appropriate!

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