Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nikki Post: SNOW!!!

You'd think that Claire would be stoked to celebrate snowy days in Colorado. Today is the second in a few weeks. But no. Claire and I went out on the balcony, and within seconds, she was complaining about the cold. Maybe I'll buy her a scarf and some mittens or something, see if that changes her opinion of snow.

On the other hand, *I* am *crazy stoked* about the snow! I did a little dance late last night before going to own kind of snow dance. I love snow. LOVE IT. A snow day is a perfect excuse to stay in pajamas, drink Bailey's and hot chocolate, and watch crap TV. (Fun fact: unemployment is also a great excuse for all of those things).

I forced Steve to go outside with me this afternoon and take pictures of me playing in the snow. He also helped me clean off my car, which was very nice of him. Steve isn't a big fan of being cold; he's too skinny and long, so his toes and fingers always get frozen really fast. Poor Steve.

Pardon the finger in the upper left. :P
View to the left of my balcony this morning. So peaceful and pretty!

View to the right of my balcony this morning. Note that the pond was partially frozen!

My car Becky (the blue Civic with all the Maryland bumper stickers) covered in ~6" of snow.

Trying to melt the snow WITH MY MIND!!
"What the hell is Nikki wearing?" you may be asking. I'm wearing my pandahatmittenscarf that my friend Gen bought for me. It's a hat! It's a scarf! It's got mittens! The best of all worlds!

I decided to end my play time outside by building a snowman! I chose a spot in the front of my apartment building and started building.

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at building snow-men. Or snow-women. Or snow-whatever-this-is. Steve said that it was the saddest snow-thing he's ever seen. I think he's jealous.

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