Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nikki Post: Idaho Springs

While I definitely need to take Claire out on more adventures, this particular outing need to be exclusively for just me and Steve. We celebrated our five-year anniversary the first weekend of January by driving north to the mountains to Idaho Springs, Colorado. Our ultimate destination was the Indian Hot Springs and their healing mineral waters. We shared a private bath, and it was heavenly. I'd love to go back and try a mud bath or maybe spend time in the geothermal caves. (The caves are segregated by gender, and Steve wanted us to be together since "it was our anniversary." <3 <3 <3 ) We stayed at a small inn and dined at Tommyknocker Brewery, where I had the most delicious roasted red pepper soup I've ever had and where Steve drank their home-brewed root beer. We watched some football and eavesdropped on snow bunnies who were stranded in town because a snow storm closed I-70 heading back to Denver. The next morning, Steve and I walked around main street after having a healthy, hippie breakfast at a local coffeeshop. Everything was so beautiful in the new snow. I'd love to go back to Idaho Springs and explore some more.

View of the mountains from across the street from our hotel, the Columbine Inn

View from the front of our hotel

There was a small table and two chairs tucked into the trees outside the hotel. I thought it was so romantic! If only it hadn't been snowing; maybe I could've made Steve eat a midnight snack there with me. ;)

There's something so beautiful about snow piled precariously on tree branches.

The next set of photos were taken on Miner Street, which is essentially the main street in Idaho Springs.

Relaxin' on main street

This "door to nowhere" is in an alley behind Miner Street. I just thought it was so ridiculous to have a door and a doorframe leading only to the roof of a building. I wonder if there was more to this building back in the day?

Bridge that lets Miner Street travel over the creek that runs through town.

The aforementioned creek, which I think is named Clear Creek, although it's not clear from the Google map. If you click on the image, you can see it full-sized and see how the sun streaming down was causing the water to steam up through the ice!

Next to the creek is an old locomotive, located behind City Hall and alongside a water wheel trail. (We couldn't check out the trail because the snow leading to it was too deep. Another time, perhaps.)

The train is in beautiful condition, despite its age.

Like I said, I can't wait to return in the spring and do some more exploring of the trails along the water and also take a tour of the local mine! There are so many good restaurants up there, and Idaho Springs is so close to so many of the ski resorts that we might not wait until things thaw out to visit the town again.

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